Who is Digital J?
Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Marketing Strategy Experts.

Digital J was founded in 2018 by Runal Jeebun, a former hacker turned Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), white-hat hacker and cybersecurity consultant. The company, based in Ireland, has grown rapidly in its digital marketing and social media marketing niche.

The internet is a global marketplace. To not leverage it or to do so improperly can hamstring companies severely.

Today, Digital J boasts several high-profile clients, who solicit us for our experience and our knowledge. We accompany them from formulating strategy to implementation and evaluation.

The company has benefitted greatly from Mr. Jeebun’s insights on internet-user behavior, which he became familiar with during his time as a black-hat hacker (illegal hacker). However, as a Certified Ethical Hacker, Mr. Jeebun now uses these skills to advocate for net neutrality, internet freedom and cybersecurity. Digital J has gone from strength to strength with Runal Jeebun, first starting as an SEO agency before eventually taking the mantles of design agency and digital marketing agency. In recent months, we’ve developed our capacity to manage search-ad and display-ad campaigns with Google AdWords; enhanced our social media marketing team and started offering marketing strategy and brand strategy support to clients. Ongoing learning and professional development keep us on the cutting edge of new features on popular platforms, industry trends, events that can be used for topical marketing and creative/artistic conception. Today, Digital J has clients in the US, the UK, Israel and East Asia.


Simply put: to be the best.


To create impactful digital marketing and social media marketing campaigns that up the ante on other agencies that share our specialties.


To not just follow but to initiate relevant, striking trends and noteworthy ads in digital marketing, social media marketing and branding.


Communications—not easy to do in a bilingual market, but we aim to become the go-to agency for annual reports, press releases, statements, to safeguard your brand capital.


Our team combines a blend of skills that, together with your goals, will take your marketing strategy and execution to the next level:

SEO/Web Dev
Digital Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Branding & Marketing Strategy
A look back on our progress since 2018.

Digital J started operations in Ireland as an SEO agency that also provided wed developer services and private hosting.

Founded in early 2018
Expanded into Website Creation

We went from search engine optimization to creating websites as demand and our reputation brought such requests more and more frequently.

We began offering clients to create personas online, and consolidating their fanbase into communities they could engage with and monetize.

Launched Social Media Marketing
Sales Funnel Optimisation (SFO)

Our first strategic-support initiative began as we equipped our clients with processes to convert lead acquisition on social media into sales revenue.

We were able to learn digital marketing and deploy it to great effect for our client, as we synchronized this with further SFO.

Launched Digital Marketing
Communications Suite

We launched a communications suite with the goal of helping clients communicate with stakeholders and shareholders, including ublic relations; drafting speeches, statements and translation work.